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  • Why does a guy with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry decide to build homes for a living?

    I’ve been doing some form of construction work since high school, when I got a summer job doing roofing, then in college I earned extra money framing sheds and houses. Somehow, home construction got into my blood, and despite my biology degree, I kept getting pulled back to the process of creating a home from the ground up.

    I wanted to learn the complete process. I began appraising commercial and residential real estate, and renovating homes and selling them. There was a detour for a few years into IT, which resulted in being hired by the largest home builder in America to manage IT for their Northeast Region. That led to more opportunities to learn the business side, which led me to become a construction superintendent, then a construction manager responsible for hundreds of homes, then a land development manager and a purchasing manager as well. I gained invaluable experience and a well-rounded education in managing the business – and the craft – of home construction.

    After almost 20 years in the industry, it was time to create my own custom home construction company, that my family and I can be proud of. More so, that my clients will be proud of.

    If you have dreams and ideas for your home and aren’t sure where to start, give me a call. I’ve given you my story, now I’d like to hear yours.

    – Chris Tomlinson

  • "Chris Tomlinson of Lloyd Custom Builders handled a 700-square-foot, four-room addition to our home. We have completed five major construction/renovation projects and Chris was definitely the most attentive and engaged contractor that we have worked with. He did a fantastic job, completing the project on time and under budget. Any construction job involves multiple challenges, of course, and Chris handled all of them calmly and effectively. He is a knowledgeable and careful supervisor who is not afraid to get his hands dirty and wants to make the job right. We would hire him again without hesitation."

    Tim Carens and Betsy Van Pelt